Meetings Update from Chief Bruce Achneepineskum

Good day Marten Falls membership:                                                                                          November 9 ,2017

It has been a busy month for Chief and Council since the elections on September 29,2017. We are reorganizing and prioritizing our mandate and work to do for the year on a measured basis and looking for achievable and worthwhile outcomes that will benefit all membership. Chief and Council fully acknowledge our membership resides on and off  the community and we continue to work on that basis to fully address our members needs with resources at hand.

Our elected Council on September 29,2017 are Chief Bruce Achneepineskum, Councillors Linda Moonias, Grace Bottle, Tom Moonias, Deon Peters, Bob Baxter, Paul Achneepineskum and Russell Achneepineskum.

This update will only serve to notify of upcoming meeting and Christmas dinners. A more detailed report will be given at these meetings with membership to update our progress to date with new term including notice of portfolios assigned to Council. The events also provide an opportunity to meet new council, give notice of the latest developments, seek direction and feedback from membership.

We are planning to have an on reserve meeting session on our progress to date with Ring of Fire and mining development and to be held at the training centre on November 27-28. Our on reserve community Christmas dinner will be held after December 20th( no date set yet).   We are also planning to hold an off reserve community session for Ring of Fire and mining development In Thunder Bay on December 13-14. The Thunder Bay Off reserve dinner will be December 14( locations and times to be announced).

This December 30,2017 Marten Falls First Nation plans to host a New Years pow wow at the CLE Coliseum building in Thunder Bay. This event is to be inaugural and a one time event hosted by our First Nation. The theme will be River of Tears.

An update will be provided as the time approaches for all events.

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Bruce Achneepineskum –Chief

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